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Christ Centered Holistic Healthy Living

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If you struggle to live a healthy lifestyle and want to learn the tenets of a healthy Holistic life, this book is for you!

I'm Zein! Welcome... I'm a Specialist in Detoxification & Cellular Regeneration, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer & a Holistic Health and healing coach!

In this book you will learn how to grow deeper in your faith, while growing closer to God's creation and building a stronger foundation in your identity in Christ.

Learn how to build holistic healthy lifestyle habits that can help you get fit spiritually, emotionally and physically, forever, a true lifestyle change that lasts!

Go at your own pace, always...

Learn how to care for your body in holistic ways so that it performs as God created it to!

This is a Spirit, Soul, Mind & Body fully loaded book, designed to help you see life in a different way, from new perspectives and help you to find new joy and peace as you journey through to your new lifestyle...

Some of Zein's, Fully Raw recipes included as a bonus! :)

If you are like me and prefer a physical book, you can pay to have it made and I will have it shipped to you! You simply pay the cost for it to be made! Shipping is free. :)

Contact me at for a paper version and I will send a link to purchase!

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Last updated Sep 3, 2023

You'll get over 60 pages of information on how to change your lifestyle for good! Bonus: Zein's Fully Raw yummy recipes!

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Christ Centered Holistic Healthy Living

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